What we clean in your home:


General/through the entire property

Walls-dusted and free of spots, Mark's and cobwebs
Doors-dusted and wiped from top to bottom.
Doors handles-wiped and polished,free from stains,Mark's and fingerprints.
Windows-wiped and polished from top to bottom
Window sills wiped and clean
Window ledges wiped and clean
Window handles wiped and polished 
Ceilings cleaned of cobwebs
Corners dusted and free of cobwebs
Wall pictures (including top of the frame) dusted,clean: glass frames( If there are any)
Mirrors-dusted,polished and free of spots and fingerprints 
Light fittings and shades-dusted and wiped
Light switches,plugs and sockets-dusted and wiped 
Dado rails dusted and wiped
Skirting(including skirting boards behind furniture) dusted and wiped
Spindles and banisters dusted and wiped
Curtains rails dusted and wiped
Fire places and surrounding dusted and wiped
Radiators wipes and clean from top to bottom and behind

Before & After